Who Should Attend an RK Preppers Event?

RK Prepper Shows are not just for hardcore preppers anymore. There are many groups of people and hobbies that require outdoor gear, food preservation equipment, gardening supplies, first aid kits and food and water storage systems.

Preppers at all levels

There are many levels of preparedness. Whether you want to be prepared for a natural disaster, survive off the grid for a couple of months, or whether you’ve adopted a full-fledged survivalist lifestyle, RK Prepper Shows has all the gear, ideas and defense strategies you need.


If you love the great outdoors, and spend your free-time camping, hiking, rock climbing or fishing, there is sure to be something for you at a prepper expo. From warmer sleeping bags and waterproof tents, fishing gear to a water storage systems, there are vendors with great ideas and high quality gear.

Hunting Enthusiasts

While you may not find guns at all prepper shows, you can find everything else you need for hunting. From knives, first aid supplies and outdoor apparel to camping gear and ammunition, our vendors carry huge variety of quality hunting accessories and supplies. 

Organic Gardeners

Much of being prepared is the ability to live off the land and maybe off the grid, but food is a necessity whether you’re a prepper or not. Gardening and canning supplies, irrigation systems, organic compost and natural weed killers and pesticides are just a few of the items you will find at a prepper expo.


People who live off the land are cognizant of taking care of the land, wildlife and water supplies around them, because they are dependent on them for survival. There is a lot to learn from preppers and the vendors who serve them about great ways to clean, conserve, and reduce waste. 


You work hard to raise vegetables, fruit vines and trees, and even livestock, but there are ways to make farming easier. You can learn more at the next prepper expo, because like you, preppers work hard to produce foods that are sustainable can be preserved for later use.