Brenda Mahan

Brenda Mahan

Like many of you, I remember helping my grandparents on their small farm; I was introduced to shelling peas, collecting eggs, slopping hogs, making biscuits and cornbread. The food was fresh, wholesome and tasted unlike anything at the supermarket. As I grew up I learned about “putting up” fruits and jams using a water bath canner.  Only much later did I learn the “mystery” of using a pressure canner.

Let me share with you how easy it is to pressure can meat, vegetables and fruit.

My background includes living in a few countries and several states as part of a military family.  Preparedness is something you did as part of your daily routine and if an emergency required evacuation, every family was counted upon to be ready. Learn all you can about alternate ways to take care of yourselves and your children.  Understand that sometimes help isn’t coming.

Let that sink in. You must be the one to step forward and take care of your family.

I met my husband Chris in 2012.  We discovered that we both share a similar world view about being prepared for emergencies, but realized the average family cannot afford the high cost of some preparedness options.  Self-Sufficient Living was born as a result of our search for useful tools and easy to follow strategies to assist anyone with a desire to be self reliant. Our company is dedicated to providing basic preparedness education and products to keep American families prepared.

Introduction to Pressure Canning

Brenda and the audience will take a look at pressure canning meats and vegetables, the history of canning and a simple step by step process to achieve outstanding results. This class is for everyone who wants to try this method of food storage and even a beginner can feel confident using a pressure canner.