Chris Mahan

Chris Mahan

Chris always felt the desire to be prepared, as evidenced by his achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout, and the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”.  The lessons learned in Scouting served him well in the Navy, when he was assigned to support the Riverine and Coastal Patrol forces in Vietnam as a communications specialist.  After serving 10 years in the Navy, Chris went back to school and finished his degree with majors in Marketing and Accounting.

In the year leading up to Y2K Chris was the Regional Vice President for Government Communications with MCI-WorldCom. Chris led the team responsible for the Federal Government’s communication preparedness during the transition.  Chris and his team realized the need for everyone to prepare. It became a priority to educate and enlighten themselves to be more self sufficient in advance of Y2K as a result of the government’s concerns. He and his team developed a plan for each family to stockpile necessary items in case of a negative outcome.

Chris continued to include preparedness in his lifestyle until he met his wife Brenda in 2012.  Chris and Brenda discovered that they both share a similar world view about being prepared for emergencies, but realized the average family cannot afford the high cost of some preparedness options.  Self-Sufficient Living was born as a result of their search for useful tools and easy to follow strategies to assist anyone with a desire to be self reliant. Their company is dedicated to providing basic preparedness education and products to keep American families prepared.

Is Your Household Drinking Water Safe?

In this class I will review the state of Municipal water systems in America today. How the drinking water that comes from your tap is tested, how often, and for what. The Government standards the water is measured against and what happens when it fails. I will give you a simple method to find out about your water and why test kits are a waste of time and money. I will close with a review of bottle water and why it is not a solution.

Long Term Food Storage

In this class I will review the pros and cons of different methods of storing food. We will talk about subject such as Freeze drying foods, Pressure canning, Dry goods storage and storing wheat for making bread. Each method covered will talk about what is best for different types of food.