Creating a Disaster Plan that Works for You

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Creating a Disaster Plan that Works for You

September is National Preparedness Month. We don’t need a month dedicated to being ready, but the reminder that every day you should be ready is important. has great tips & information to help you get started on your way to being prepared for the worst possible situations.

When it comes to naturally occurring weather related disasters, Mother Nature does not discriminate. Weather happens every day & sometimes it can be terrifying. The key to any type of natural disaster is to be ready for anything. From fires raging across thousands of acres to earthquakes to monstrous hurricanes, this year has been exceptionally difficult. Days without power have turned into weeks for many. Shelters are full and so many people need help in affected areas. Being ready can help mitigate the need to rely on outside support to survive. Being ready with a plan will keep your family together and ready for anything that comes.

Every prepper should have multiple plans for their family both for bugging in and bugging out. In the aftermath of a weather-related disaster, do you know where you will go for shelter if your home is no longer inhabitable? Do you know how you will get home if you are caught off-guard away from your home base? Do you have supplies stashed in the car? Stashed at home? Do your children know what to do? has 4 steps to get your emergency plan started:

Step 1: Put together a plan by talking about alerts, shelter, evacuation and family communication with the people in your home

Step 2: Consider all of the needs of the people in your household

Step 3: Create an emergency plan for your family

Step 4: Put the plan into action & practice it with the people in your household before disaster strikes

The most important step is having a plan in place that works. It won’t matter how much you have stored if no one knows where to go or how to get there. Visit to get started on the basic plan for your family. There are downloadable documents to get you and your family ready to face whatever may come.

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