Green Living + Survival

Green Living + Survival

What if you could leave a smaller footprint in our environment while providing for yourself & your family? Think about growing & storing your own food in order to have reserves when times are lean. Imagine being able to filter water when the main system has been contaminated. You can do all of these things when you decide to use what has always been available to you. Learn how to live green and survive whatever comes your way at an RK Prepper Show.

The lifestyles of Survival & Green Living go hand in hand. From powering your home to feeding your family, living green will provide both for your family & for nature while giving you the peace of mind that comes with self-sufficiency.

Power Options

Alternative power options are available for off-grid electrical capabilities that cut out depletion of petroleum & other natural resources. Solar, geothermal & wind are 3 options that can be used whether you are simply looking to use less “standard” sources of energy or want to go completely off the grid.


Homesteading creates a genuine lifestyle of self-sufficiency providing a healthier environment. In today’s modern society, homesteading can mean a variety of things; small scale agriculture, food preservation, craftwork, etc. for the purpose of household use & as income sources. Organic & sustainable farming has proven to be gentler & kinder to our environment by decreasing or eliminating the use of harmful pesticides as well as antibiotics in livestock.

Heirloom Seeds

Also within the homesteading aspect, Green Living encourages the use of heirloom seeds since they are not modified & tend to be more nutritious than hybrid options. Continued use of proven heirloom varieties ensures a plant that provide seeds that are true to their specific variety.


Survival life stresses using what is out there & accessible in nature to everyone. Often times, the best foods & home remedies are in your backyard or timber. Utilizing the bounty that nature has to offer will greatly enhance your ability to survive & live green.

The goal of RK Prepper Shows is to connect people that want to go green & delve into the survival lifestyle with those that are well versed in their field to share their knowledge. We want to connect those that are already living a greener life with more information & resources to help them thrive. We plan to continue exploring ways survival & green living are related through a series of blogs that intend to feature products & knowledge from our vendors that you will see at an RK Survival & Green Living Expo as well as information from our featured speakers. Stay tuned for more…….

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