Michele Price

Michele Price

Michele Price is the owner of MKP Specialties, homemade soaps and lotions. She has been married to her husband, a retired military officer, for 26 years. She raised and homeschooled 3 daughters and is now a proud grandma of a beautiful granddaughter. Michele teaches classes on soap making, household cleaners, personal care products, and small gifts.

Seminar Description

Killing the Chemicals: Household Cleaners that are Safe for you

This seminar will introduce you to seven of the most common chemicals used in our cleaners. We will discuss the various types of damage they cause in your home and to our bodies. Michele will discuss healthier options that you can make with regular household products already in your home. She will discuss the cost of making these products verses the purchase of products from a store. Each attendee will leave with a page of recipes for making your own homemade cleaners that are safe for you and your home.



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