Preparing for Winter Weather

Preparing for Winter Weather

“Ice Storm turns Atlanta into a parking lot & strands thousands”

“The Storm of the Century”

“Paralyzing Winter Storm dumps up to 20” of snow on East KY”

These are just a few headlines that have been reported by major news networks in recent years. Winter weather can impact states in different ways. States in the South experience freezing rain which will bring major cities to a halt while completely cutting off rural areas. As these types of storms move across the US, heavy snowfall builds up and leaves people to dig out from underneath a blanket of heavy snow. States in the Northeast see lake effect snow that can bring a foot or more to these areas.  The Midwest states tend to see heavy blowing and drifting of snow causing low visibilities and icing on roadways.

Major winter storms can bring down power lines and strand motorists for hours or even days at a time. Proper planning for winter weather can mean the difference between tragedy and survival. In many instances, motorists get caught in poor driving conditions that lead to being stranded for a period of time. A single degree of temperature fluctuation can be all it takes for streets and power lines to start icing over causing problems for everyone. It is always best to shelter-in-place during winter weather emergencies, however, in some situations, staying at home or where you are is just not possible and winter travel is required.

Preparing your vehicle for winter should include creating an emergency kit tailored for winter weather geared to your geographical location. Even temperatures above freezing can lead to hypothermia. When the mercury drops below freezing, hypothermia sets in much faster & frostbite due to exposure becomes a big concern. Having blankets, additional winter clothing, boots & winter gear stowed in your car, can be the only thing between survival and freezing to death.

Be prepared with some basics that should be in your winter emergency kit in your vehicle:

  • Extra set(s) of winter clothing including boots, gloves & hats
  • Ice scraper & a shovel
  • Blankets – a military style wool blanket works well
  • Jumper cables
  • Kitty litter (non-clumping) or Sand
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight

These are just a few items that are recommended to have at the ready in the event of inclement weather. Visit one of our upcoming Survival Expos and see what vendors have to offer to fill your winter emergency kits! You can check out the CDC’s Winter Weather Checklist for even more ideas of what you should have ready in your emergency kit for the car and your home.

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