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Survival Expos – Something for Everyone, Not Just Hardcore Preppers

If you’re wondering what an RK Prepper Show has for you, the answer might surprise you. There is something for everyone at a prepper expo for the avid outdoorsman, hunting enthusiast, homesteader, vegetable gardener, or even people who just want to learn more about renewable energy sources.

While hardcore preppers are focused on all aspects of survival and living a minimalist lifestyle that excludes the need to obtain food and resources through mainstream suppliers, many people dabble in a couple of aspects that make up a prepper lifestyle.

Shelter Fit For Any Prepper

You may be seeking a small off the grid (OTG) retreat, or an amazing prepper property complete with solar energy, a domestic well, water and food storage, storm shelter or bug-out bunker and a whole house generator. Others just wish to have a simpler lifestyle and a place where they can live a healthier and more wholesome life. Or maybe your shelter needs are in preparation for a camping trip, where a great waterproof tent is a luxury and you can learn about those at one of our prepper expos as well.

Whether you want to be completely OTG, or you practice homesteading to raise organic food and animals, RK Prepper Shows have many venders who can give you tips, provide quality supplies or educate you on your best shelter options for your lifestyle.

Food Growing and Storage

You never know when a natural disaster or camping trip gone wrong might leave you in a position where you need to be food self-sufficient. You can learn about food growing and storage practices and more at prepper shows.

If you’re trying to stockpile healthy food like canned vegetables, preserves, canned meat and a healthy water supply, prepper expos are a great place to find the best canning systems, food storage methods and find out which foods will keep for decades if preserved.

Weaponry for Self-Defense or Sport

As a prepper and a survivalist, you soon learn that not all of your self-defense methods can come from a gun. Of course, there are great guns and archery equipment out there, and if you’re an outdoorsman you may be interested in these things, but ammunition runs out. In a situation where a silent weapon might be better for self-defense or hunting game, there may be other options that you won’t run out of, or won’t alert the intruder or prey of your presence. There may even be self-defense methods that use only your own body that you can learn more about at prepper expo. 

First Aid For Prepping or Times of Disaster

Prepper shows are a great place to learn what to have in your first aid kit, no matter what your favorite activities. There is a lot for anybody to learn about having the right anti-bacterials, essential oils, natural cleaning agents, pain relievers and other first aid items.

Being prepared for a disaster or injury is not just diehard preppers. If you camp, travel, hunt or hike on a regular basis, your outdoor activities and safety may benefit from knowing which items you can find in nature, or easily carry in a pack to heal a wound or cure an illness.

Survival Expos are NOT Just for Preppers Anymore

If you want to learn more about living off the land, survival skills, disaster preparedness or preserving the environment, visit an upcoming RK Prepper Shows in your area to find great products, visit a variety of booths and attend an educational seminars.