Survival Medicine – Suturing and Stapling Class

Survival Medicine – Suturing and Stapling Class

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of

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Complete Wound Care with Hands-on Suturing and Stapling Instruction Class at RK Prepper Shows

Learn how to provide complete wound care with hands-on suture training, as well as stapling with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy,  medical preparedness experts from

Using a pig’s foot, they’ll show you how to assess a wound, apply antiseptic, insert the sutures, tie a proper instrument knot, cut the extra sutures and learn how to space the sutures for proper wound closure.

Also, know how & when to use staples including hands-on training. Even more importantly, you will learn when NOT to close a wound. Wound care is also discussed in detail.

This course is designed for the non-medical professional and those medical personnel without suturing knowledge.

Suture Class Equipment

Included during class: 1 pig’s foot, 4 instrument suture kit, nitrile gloves, one sterile suture and betadine wipes. Also included during the class is the equipment to learn how to staple.

Special Gifts to take home:

A special laminated instruction sheet, one sterile suture, and all of your instruments (to practice at home).

ADDITIONAL NEW GIFT: Complete Wound Care Suture/Staple DVD, which includes all slides shown during the class ($30 value).

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Knoxville, TN
September 10th, 2017